Vinnie Liguori Athlete of the Year
Jim McCollum

Katy Guidone Volunteers of the Year
Earle Smola, Tracy Parkin & Monte Wagner

Spirit of Achilles
Sharon & Peter Geltner

Roll with It (Most flexible)
Tiffany Studer & Lori Stethers

Perseverance Award
Tom Stearley, Gail Bruno, Grit Rorrio & Jo Bennett

Determination Award
Harry & John Keeshan

Top Fundraisers for Achilles CT (aka The Swag Award)
Susanne Cesana, Stu Sherman, Pablo Henderson, & Team Los Pollos Guapos (Adam Fleisher and Mike Feinberg)

Strava Award
Michelle Georgevich & Michael Lo Presti

Rookies of the Year
Alex Grano (Athlete)
Kristin Partenza & Jeff Palma (Volunteers)

2021 Zoomtastic Award
Daniel DeJesus

Hans & Franz Award
Mike Tubiak

Most members from the same family in Achilles CT
The Whitney Family- Bruce, Ken and Mary

Most likely to need a Shower (aka The Mud Award)
Zak Schneider & Kris Wetmore

Most likely to start an Achilles CT bike gang
Stu Sherman, Jen Rottkamp & Kerry Ann Randall

Most likely to be in Witness Protection
Harry McKinstry